Management, Coordination and Supervision

Kidan offers project planning, management, coordination, consulting and oversight services for all stages of a project. The company helps represent the client before numerous entities that oversee construction projects, and covers all aspects with regards to the project's nature, functionality, scope, location, budget and timetable.
Below is a general, abridged list of services provided by Kidan based on project stages:


  • Presentation of the professional facet to all parties involved in the project
  • Planning the outline for project construction
  • Consultation on selection of project planners and consultants
  • Establishment of procedures and standardization for the planning and implementation stage of the project
  • Formulation of contracts and negotiations with the planners and consultants
  • Preparation of an initial budget estimate
  • Preparation of an initial timeline
  • Promotion of a statutory process with various authorities


  • Integration of parties involved in the planning
  • Remaining within the budget during planning
  • Assistance in obtaining building permits
  • Management and coordination of planning sessions
  • Review and proposal of planning options
  • Identification and warning of planning flaws
  • Review of aspects of cost as well as maintenance and operational ability of the project
  • Guidelines for planners and consultants regarding the client's priorities
  • Preparation and update of cash flows for every accepted period

Engagement for Implementation
Administrative services, distribution of tenders and plans, inviting contractors to the tender, photocopy of plans, etc.
Advising the client on the engagement based on the special terms
Guidelines for planners and consultants regarding the tenders methods and letters of quantities.
Contractor tour of the site and issuance of special instructions prior to the tender proposal
Compiling and creating a comparative table of contractor proposals for the client.
Review of tenders and their compliance with the client's legal advisor prior to publication
Analysis of contractor proposals based on realistic market prices
Professional review and opinion regarding delivery of the work to the contractor
Management of guarantees with the contractors
Update of budget estimate based on signed contracts
Assistance in negotiations with the selected contractors


  • Oversight in the field of actual implementation
  • Oversight of materials used in construction and their compliance with the terms of the tender and standards
  • Oversight of subcontractors in the field, certification and ranking
  • Review of options for materials and/or systems
  • Use of consultants and inviting them to the site to oversee operations
  • Provision of engineering and technical solutions in the field
  • Operation of testing laboratories for concrete, screws, installations and any aspect required in the standard
  • Management and update of a work log
  • Review of contractor invoices against measurements and confirmation of quantities
  • Review of irregular works submitted by the contractor
  • Preparation of a timetable and budget progress report
  • Coordination and management of status sessions and coordination at the site
  • Documentation of implementation and irregular events

Project Delivery

  • Delivery of the project by the contractor
  • Delivery of the building to the client
  • Troubleshooting
  • Management of the end of the engagement with the contractors
  • Receipt of guarantees of quality, warranties and maintenance books from the contractors
  • Oversight and consultation during the year of building inspection and operation
  • Oversight of repairs during the inspection year


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Haifa Hostel Expansion

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Nissan Neighborhood – 140 residential units in Hadera

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