Project Quality Assurance and Control

Kidan policy is to make certain that all stages of every project: planning, procurement, construction and certification, complies with the quality and reliability requirements as well as with client specifications. Kidan's quality assurance and inspection methods outline tasks that were defined and implemented for planning and construction of buildings and systems in a state-of-the-art technological environment. Furthermore, Kidan specializes in issuing quality-based tenders in which price is not necessarily the determining factor, and where relevant, in conjunction with the client. The quality assurance and inspection plan relies on requirements as defined in the client's specifications for the operation of a control system so that the facility, parts, buildings, etc. will be planned, purchased, manufactured, built, inspected and tested in accordance with the terms of the contract, specifications, standards and diagrams. A contractual quality assurance plan can be developed via references to standard and relevant processes in the plan. An invoice control plan can also be adopted. The quality assurance / quality control plan is distributed to project members. All quality requirements are defined and implemented during the preparation of the detailed plans. All Kidan employees, architects, planners and contractors are members of the quality team. Every employee will ensure quality by performing quality work in accordance with the requirements.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control Team – Close Supervision

The Quality Assurance / Quality Control team is the key to improving systems, plans and performances. Kidan is committed to improving quality, aiming to deliver a facility of the highest quality to the client.

Responsibility of the Quality Assurance / Quality Control Team includes:

  • Establishment and management of a relationship with the client and definition of the standards for quality requirements
  • Preparation of a quality assurance plan as well as a system that covers all of Kidan operations
  • Presentation and approval of the specific processes for project implementation
  • Implementation of the quality plan for planning and construction iin areas that affect quality
  • Assumption of responsibility for operations
  • Ensuring that suppliers and subcontractors are aware of the quality assurance plan requirements and that they are capable of complying with them
  • Periodic inspection of performance and compliance with the processes
  • Review and examination of quality standards of suppliers and subcontractors
  • Report of significant quality problems and ensuring adoption of corrective measures
  • Control, management and review of quality documents
  • Presentation of final documentation to the client

Registration and Documentation

The Company produced, documents and files to monitor and retrieve reports, which contain written evidence of quality compliance of the manufactured items and activities to processes and specifications. These reports are systematically compiled, stored and managed.

The stored records are described in the following list:

  • Diagrams, calculations and specifications
  • Performance plans
  • Supplier documents
  • Inspection reports, including incompatibility forms
  • Confirmation of material testing
  • Professional confirmation for employees when required
  • Reports on demolition tests and test samples
  • Plans evidence diagrams and documents based on the building
  • Oversight reports of the various planners and supervision
  • Final documentation for the client
  • Delivery reports



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